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Combat Mode - Simple Version

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Combat Mode - Simple Version

Post by Century_Warlord on Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:18 pm

To quicken a combat for speedy game progress, I came up with this idea. It is so simple, you don't have to spend a lot of time stuck in combat while role playing.

The Calculation.

Attack value of the attacker:

Defence value of the defender:
10* + 1d10**

*Corresponds to the basic defence value of an unarmed combatant.
**Only when the combatant have a large two-handed weapon or shield.

Commencing the combat sequence.

The first player who launches the offensive shall roll a 1d20 and a 1d10 dice if the target wields a shield or a large two-handed weapon.

If the attack value is higher than the defence value, the attacker scores a hit.

If the attack value is 20, the attacker automatically scores a critical hit*. In the event where the defence value is also 20, the attacker only deals a normal hit.

If the attack value is 1, the defender scores a counter attack hit.

The defender always post the role play combat after the attacker have made the dice roll. Role play action should correspond to the combat result.

The defender will then have the opportunity to launch an attack if he/she wishes to continue the combat.

A combatant can only take a maximum of 5 hits before collapsing. A player can't be killed in combat.

*A critical hit counts as 2 hits.

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