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Project Milestones: Phase 1

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Project Milestones: Phase 1

Post by Century_Warlord on Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:16 am

Lore and Tales of Legends

The Gods of Four and One Done
Legend of Sesos the Savior In Development
History of the Varoneans
Varonean Civil War
The Scattering Quake

Environment Description

Varonia Island Done
Varonia Capital City In Development
Vasilias Stronghold
Bloodrun Swamp
Veh'Gorn River
Vasilias Mountains
Pickering Swamp
New Veh'Gorn
Old Veh'Gorn
Delverdale Woodland
Delver's Hold
Varonean Navy Fortress
Velderfell Forest
Port Volburn
Velderfell Fort Town
Worgen Swampland
Velderfell River
Lake Vesmer
Wailing Marshes
Old Ruins
Var'Gan Island
Var'Gan City
Var'Gan Navy Port Town
Var'Lin Island
Var'Lin Town
Var'Hin Island
Var'Hin Village
Var'Man Island
Var'Man Village
Var'Jan Island
Var'Jan Village
Fisher's Rocks
Scattered Isles of Var'Que
Pirate Town of Var'Que

World and City Maps

Varonean Isles Map Done
Varonia Capital City
Vasilias Stronghold
New Veh'Gorn
Old Veh'Gorn
Delver's Hold
Varonean Navy Fortress
Port Volburn
Velderfell Fort Town
Var'Gan City
Var'Gan Navy Port Town
Var'Lin Town
Var'Hin Village
Var'Man Village
Var'Jan Village
Pirate Town of Var'Que

The Forum

Recruit 2 Moderators (2/2 Achieved) Done
Recruit 5 Developers (0/5 Achieved)
Have 100 Active Role players (0/100 Achieved)
Developer and Moderator Section Done
Facebook Application In Development
Graphic Arts Section Rules
Literature Section Rules
Forum Help and Support Section Rules
Chatroom Rules
Chatroom Application

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